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The decrease from the previous year is due to the direct treatment of the infested area on the marsh, so the problem is somewhat managed, but it has by no means been eliminated.Coos County Health Department has traps set up at the park to monitor the mosquito population.” It is true there are fewer mosquitoes than there was during last year’s infestation.How many different species there are is hard to determine since the officials have only five traps actively collecting mosquitoes in the infested part of the county.According to the experts, the application of larvacides and pesticides could continue for the next 6 years, or indefinitely, depending on nature’s ability to produce enough natural predators to kill off the mosquitoes.The Service is blaming standing water on private property for these new bugs, but the fact remains, these insects were not present until The Service flooded the marsh.Is there a reason the officials do not want this data collected?A Ph D Biologist, who is also a member of the county mosquito committee, recommended at least fifty traps.Nonetheless, some properties surrounding the marsh are still suffering “swarm levels” of significant proportions that did not exist until The Service pulled the tide gates on the Ni-les-tuna section of the marsh and flooded the valley.The larvacide has reduced the saltwater mosquito population significantly.No matter how they try to obscure the issue, the topic should be about solutions, not public housing for bats and mosquito magnets.

Dredging new channels combined with the expense of continuous vector abatement will eventually cost several millions in public funding.by Rob Taylor The saga of The Bandon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge & Mosquito Preserve is continuing to unfold as the people of the Coquille Valley are learning to live with what the US Fish & Wildlife Service is calling an “acceptable amount” of mosquitoes.As a result we have seen very few of our “normal” mosquitoes, but a few are present.Due to the dry conditions this year the drainage ditches at Bullards Beach have been dry for at least a month.Outside the marsh, the private sector is suffering infestations from previous fly offs and there is some concern among the professionals on whether there will ever be enough mosquito predators in the higher elevations of the valley to control the insect populations, which will permanently devalue the quality of life for those residents..